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Private Therapy Sessions

Private yoga sessions
For strong, flexible, balanced body and mind
Yoga increases muscle tone and flexibility, improves balance  and stability, clarity of the mind, heart health, digestion, blood pressure and circulation, decreases stress and relieves anxiety, promotes the quality of breathing and sleeping, helps with back pain relief, migraines, and  supporting the immune system and makes you happy.  
I'm teaching Vinyasa, therapy yoga, Yin yoga.
I practice since 1998 and teach since 2009 worldwide.

Thai-Yoga therapy
For painless, flexible, relaxed body and mind
This therapy combines the Thai massage with Yoga poses, performed on the floor, on a mat.
You can relax, let go and rest, while I stretch, rotate and open your body, getting to deep tissues, in a relaxing gentle work.

Thai-Yoga therapy benefits: Increases flexibility, relieves muscle pain and tension, improves range of motion and blood circulation, boosts immunity, reduces levels of stress and makes you relaxed.

Guidance and mentoring

For happy fulfilling being
​We walk together in a short or long journey. While you let me in, I can show you perspectives, reflect patterns and wills. Together we discover your next step, meeting your true, magnificent self.  

Access bars

For opening new possibilities
It is a gentle and relaxing treatment. When I "run bars on you", for 45-55 minutes, lying on a mat or bed, you experience soft touch in 32 points on your head. These points represent different aspects of life, each has all the thoughts, ideas, emotions and beliefs we stored.
Running bars simply let go of all the unnecessary. A sense of ease will come.


We essentially live in a giant amusement park, and in this park we can suffer from the sun, the yelling and loud noises around us, the long lines and crowds. Alternatively, we can enjoy the breeze, the fun vibe, the big Ferris wheel and the sense of childhood and freedom. It is all in our heads. Sometimes we need help to be pulled out of our current perspective to enable us a fresh view, a different and reversed. This allows us to enjoy our time here, be happy and succeed.

Our experiences affect us from a very young age. Everyone carries their own burden of habits, beliefs and challenges. All through life we meet various challenges with relationships and unique situations. These invite us to learn, grow and rid ourselves of unwanted stuff that weighs down our sack. In private sessions we discuss and learn tools, how to manage ourselves in life. We study the roots of our challenges and address them, leaving unnecessary burdens behind.

The body and soul are connected. The body informs us about what's going on internally, and the soul suffers, when there is an illness or pain in the body. Relief for the body is relief for the soul, and vice versa.

My tools come from a broad range of experiences, spanning from business and management tools to the wisdom of various beliefs and therapies. These include: the wisdom of Yoga, Zen, Buddhism and Kabbalah and therapies such as Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Therapy, Access consciousness, Access bars, Natural Health, the Ein Habdolach method, In consciousness love therapy, Biorgonomy, and more.

A small tip before we begin, always true: LOVE IS THE ANSWER : )

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